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MyGene-Predisposition DNA Test

Why DNA Testing for my future wellness?

DNA is the master molecule and it has proven this repeatedly year by year of its discovery. This powerful tool is not only limited to only physical appearance and Identification of living beings anymore. With the enormous data generated from hundreds and thousands of laboratories in the world it is now well reported and realized that DNA plays an important role in determining the Disorders we might suffer as we grow older. This is again a fact that with the Industrialization and many other day to day advancements the life style, food habit, environmental conditions are rapidly changing. Sometimes the diseases may be inherited from your own families because of several Biological Reasons. With changes and inheritances DNA is affected and it starts coding the future of the Body. Unfortunately we care about genetic issues and their risk when every medical condition fails or sometimes the medical professional advice for Drug adverse reaction test, Mutation issues etc.

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Documents Required:

 Fitness certificate
 Identity proof of all the tested parties (Passport, Voter’s ID Card, PAN Card, Driving License, Ration Card)
 Consent form for the test
 Photographs of tested parties

Test Detail

Test Fee: As per the requirement
Sample Required: Buccal Swab of Father,Mother & Child (The test may be performed with the same accuracy even if mother is not participating)
Reporting Time: 10-15 working days from the date of arrival of samples to our laboratory.

As soon as we receive the necessary documents and appropriate testing fee we start the process of the DNA test, a passcode is generated and it is provided to the client. If you choose to submit the samples to our any branches or offices, please do come with the documents mentioned above while sample submission. If you wish the sample to be collected at your own convenience- be prepared with the documents and extra collection fee as required.

The test is 100% confidential and no any data/document or detail will be provided without the verification of passcode generated at the time of starting the test

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The consituent laboratories of BDRC have highest standareds and they are accreditated by AABB (The American Association of Blood Banks), ACLASS, ISO/IEC 17025, ASCLD/LAB-International, (CAP) College of American Pathologists, CLIA etc. Our collection facilities are spread to almost all the major locations in India and USA. We serve DNA Testing and paternity test in Indian cities like like New Delhi, Mumbai (Maharastra), Nagpur (Maharastra), Pune(Maharastra), Chandigarh (Punjab), Patna (Bihar), Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh),Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh), Bhubaneswar (Orissa), Agartala, Guwahati (Assam), Kolkata (West Bengal), Chennai (Tamil nadu), Pondicherry, Bangalore(Karnatka), Manipal (Karnatka), Manglore(Karnatka), Ahmedabad(Gujrat), Surat, Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh), Warangal (Andhra Pradesh), Vijyawada (Andhra Pradesh), Patna (Bihar), Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh), Indore (Madhya pradesh), Haryana, Noida (Uttar pradesh) etc. Our DNA Testing services is the first choice for DNA Testing referal in India by most of the Doctors, Courts, Lawyers, Crime agencies, Private individuals, Animal labs, Agricultural labs, Biotechnology laboratories. BDRC DNA Testing laboratory is the oldest private DNA laboratory in India started in 2002. We test most number of samples from various part of the world for DNA Identification, DNA Testing, and other Biotechnology services. These services are outsourced to us from various organizations/individuals who require these services but dont have full fledged facility.

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Conditions covered

  • How would it have been if a Diabetic patient would have known 10 years earlier that he is at risk of developing diabetes or he is already in the Pre diabetic condition?
  • What would have happened if a Coronary Heart patient after a couple of heart attacks would have known that he is at a higher risk of Heart attack before he was admitted to the hospital for the first time itself?
  • What would a smoker do if he/she knows that he/she is susceptible to Lung cancer as per his Genetics?
  • What would happen if the Medical practitioner knows about the list of Specific drugs which may have adverse drug reaction to a patient before hands?
  • Answers to such questions become gold standard to improve the quality of life if delivered to the right person at the right time. These answers will not only play a role in Improving the Life rather it will have impact on hard earned wealth to individuals and families. Sometimes Individual and families may be prepared for the futuristic medical alerts and take necessary precautions, diets and change their lifestyle. In many cases a treatment can start at early stages too. Reaching and consulting a medical practitioner on time and preliminary stages plays a major role with respect to treatment cycle.


After receiving your enquiry and test fee we ship you a unique Saliva collection kit at your desired address which has an unique passcode along with a Registration form for this test. The kit is easy to handle and it reaches you with the simple demonstrated steps of using. After the collection you may ship it back to the address mentioned at the received envelope or You may wish to visit one of our sample collection centers to handover the sample and consent form which is located in almost all the major cities of India. Once we receive the sample at our laboratory your personalized report will be generated and sent to you by email and a hard copy to the address mentioned by you in the form. One of our Genetic Counsellors will help you explaining all the detail of the tests, requirements and how it works. Usually our reports are self explanatory and detailed, still if you require any assistance our counsellors will be ready to do so. Results are usually ready within 10-15 working days after receiving the samples.

Conditions covered

  • Heart Diseases, Stroke, Hypertension, Blood Pressure related Disorders, Diabetes and Obesity, Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer, Gastric Cancers, Skin Cancers, Stomach Cancers , Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Psoriasis, Meningitidis, Alzhimers disease, Syndromes and Multiple Sclerosis, Schizophrenia, Rheumatic Heart Disease, Heart attacks and Atrial Problems, Predisposition to Cigarette Smoking/Alcoholism, Pregnancy loss, Infertility, Baldness, Weight Loss, Overweight, Height, Medication Response, Adverse Drug reaction study, Allergies

Please contact us any other medical condition not mentioned above, our Research team will focus on the listed aliment and find a solution if possible. We have the flexibility for you to choose the medical conditions from the list of medical conditions we cover.

What does your Report contain?

Medical and Molecular: List of Disorders you are predisposed to along with percentage risk.
Diet: Based on the Disorders you are predisposed a diet chart to keep you away from the problems you are predisposed to.
Yogas/Aasans/ Exercises: List of useful yogas, Aasans, exercises etc. If required training is also available at our Hyderabad office.
Wellness Plan: Unique and Personalized care specially designed for you which contains proper Genetic Counselling.

Note: This report should not be considered as a Diagnostic report. For the diagnostic samples please visit the Molecular Diagnostic services section of the website

Test Code                      Test Description
 PDT-SWG01                      SweetGene
 PDT-SG01-A                     Type 2 Diabetes
 PDT-SG01-B                     Obesity
 PDT-SG01-C                     Heart Attacks
 PDT-SG01-D                     Hypertension
 PDT-SG01-E                     Stroke
 PDT-SG01-F                     Diabetic Retinopathy
 PDT-SG01-G                     Diabetic Foot
 PDT-LUW02                      Lung Wellness
 PDT-LW02-A                     Asthma
 PDT-LW02-B                     Chronic obstructive Pulmonary disease
 PDT-LW02-C                     Cystic fibrosis
 PDT-LW02-D                     Pulmonary embolism
 PDT-HEG03                      HepaGene
 PDT-HG03-A                     Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver disease
 PDT-HG03-B                     Liver Cirrhosis
 PDT-HG03-C                     Liver Cancer
 PDT-HG03-D                     Cholestatic liver disease
 PDT-HG03-E                     Dyslipidemia
 PDT-HG03-F                     Alcohol flush reaction
 PDT-HG03-G                     Alcoholic Hepatitis
 PDT-REG04                      RenaGene
 PDT-RG04-A                     Chronic Kidney Diseases
 PDT-RG04-B                     Kidney stones
 PDT-RG04-C                     Polycyctic kidney disease
 PDT-PAC05                      PaceCard
 PDT-PC05-A                     Atrial Fibrillation
 PDT-PC05-B                     Coronary heart disease
 PDT-PC05-C                     Myocardial infarction
 PDT-PC05-D                     Hypertension
 PDT-PC05-E                     Obesity
 PDT-PC05-F                     Stroke
 PDT-PC05-G                     Sudden Cardiac arrest
 PDT-PC05-H                     Aneurysm
 PDT-PC05-I                     Atherosclerosis
 PDT-PC05-J                     C reactive Protein Diseases
 PDT-PIC06                      PinkCard
 PDT-PC06-A                     Polycystic Ovary disease
 PDT-PC06-B                     Recurrent Miscarriages
 PDT-PC06-C                     Female Sexual arousal disorder
 PDT-PC06-D                     Premenstrual dysphoric disorder
 PDT-PC06-E                     Endometriosis
 PDT-CAG07                      CancerGene
 PDT-CG07-A                     Lung Cancer
 PDT-CG07-B                     Skin Cancer
 PDT-CG07-C                     Bladder cancer
 PDT-CG07-D                     Colorectal cancer
 PDT-CG07-E                     Gastric cancer
 PDT-CG07-F                     Prostate cancer
 PDT-CG07-G                     Onco Liquid Biopsy
 PDT-CGX08                      CancerGene XX
 PDT-CGX08-A                    Cervical/uterine Cancer
 PDT-CGX08-B                    Breast Cancer
 PDT-CGX08-C                    Ovarian Cancer
 PDT-MTC09                      MyGene_Children
 PDT-MTC09-A                    Type 2 diabetes
 PDT-MTC09-B                    Atrial fibrillation
 PDT-MTC09-C                    Breast cancer
 PDT-MTC09-D                    Coronary heart disease
 PDT-MTC09-E                    Lung cancer
 PDT-MTC09-F                    Migraine
 PDT-MTC09-G                    Obesity
 PDT-MTC09-H                    Osteoarthritis
 PDT-MTC09-I                    Peripheral vascular disease
 PDT-MTC09-J                    Skin cancer
 PDT-MTC09-K                    Venous thromboembolism
 PDT-MTC09-L                    Age related macular degeneration
 PDT-MTC09-M                    Alzheimer's disease
 PDT-MTC09-N                    Aneurysm
 PDT-MTC09-O                    Bladder cancer
 PDT-MTC09-P                    Celiac disease
 PDT-MTC09-Q                    Colorectal cancer
 PDT-MTC09-R                    Gastric cancer
 PDT-MTC09-S                    Graves' disease
 PDT-MTC09-T                    Lupus
 PDT-MTC09-U                    Multiple sclerosis
 PDT-MTC09-V                    Prostate cancer
 PDT-MTC09-W                    Psoriasis
 PDT-MTC09-X                    Rheumatoid arthritis
 PDT-MTC09-Y                    Type 1 diabetes
 PDT-MTY10                      MyGene_ Officer
 PDT-MTY10-A                    Hair Loss
 PDT-MTY10-B                    Weight gain
 PDT-MTY10-C                    Coronary heart disease
 PDT-MTY10-D                    Obesity
 PDT-MTY10-E                    Diabeteic retinopathy
 PDT-MTY10-F                    Type2 Diabetes
 PDT-MTY10-G                    Liver Function
 PDT-MTY10-H                    Asthma
 PDT-MTY10-I                    Blood Pressure
 PDT-MTY10-J                    Respiratory defects
 PDT-MTY10-K                    Kidney diseases
 PDT-MTY10-L                    Stroke
 PDT-MTL11                      MyGene_ Professional
 PDT-MTL11-A                    Diabetic Eye
 PDT-MTL11-B                    Cholestrol test
 PDT-MTL11-C                    Anemia
 PDT-MTL11-D                    Thyroid function test
 PDT-MTL11-E                    Respiratory test
 PDT-MTL11-F                    Heart test
 PDT-MTL11-G                    Bone Test
 PDT-MTL11-H                    Galucoma
 PDT-MTS12                      MyGene_ Senior Citizen
 PDT-MTS12-A                    Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
 PDT-MTS12-B                    Cholestrol test
 PDT-MTS12-C                    Anemia
 PDT-MTS12-D                    Thyroid function test
 PDT-MTS12-E                    Respiratory test
 PDT-MTS12-F                    Heart test
 PDT-MTS12-G                    Bone Test
 PDT-MTS12-H                    Galucoma
 PDT-NEG13                      NeoGene-100
 PDT-NEG13-A                    Sickle cell disease
 PDT-NEG13-B                    Cystic Fibrosis
 PDT-NEG13-C                    Congenital Hypothyroidism
 PDT-NEG13-D                    Metabolic disorders
 PDT-SCG14                      SchoolGene
 PDT-SCG14-A                    Diabetic retinopathy
 PDT-SCG14-B                    Thyroid function
 PDT-SCG14-C                    Anemia
 PDT-SCG14-D                    Asthma
 PDT-SCG14-E                    Intelligence
 PDT-SCG14-F                    Liver disease
 PDT-OPG15                      OpthoGene
 PDT-OPG15-A                    Glaucoma
 PDT-OPG15-B                    Diabetic retinopathy
 PDT-OPG15-C                    Diabetic Foot
 PDT-OPG15-D                    Astigmatism
 PDT-OPG15-E                    Hyperopia
 PDT-OPG15-F                    Myopia
 PDT-OPG15-J                    Strabismus
 PDT-OPG15-G                    Optic atrophy
 PDT-NEG16                      NeuroGene
 PDT-NEG16-A                    Epilepsy
 PDT-NEG16-B                    Migraine
 PDT-NEG16-C                    Dementia
 PDT-NEG16-D                    Alzheimer’s Disease
 PDT-NEG16-E                    Parkinson’s disease
 PDT-NEG16-F                    Bell's palsy
 PDT-NEG16-G                    Autism Disorders
 PDT-NEG16-H                    Cerebral stroke (CVA)
 PDT-NEG16-I                    Myasthenia gravis
 PDT-NEG16-J                    Neuropathy
 PDT-NEG16-K                    Multiple sclerosis
 PDT-NEG16-L                    Amyotropic lateral sclerosis
 PDT-NEG16-M                    Huntington's disease
 PDT-NEG16-N                    Tourette syndrome
 PDT-NEG16-O                    Spina bifida and Anencephaly (Neural tube defects)
 PDT-NEG16-P                    Lewy body dementia
 PDT-DEG17                      DermaGene
 PDT-DEG17-A                    Psoriasis
 PDT-DEG17-B                    Atopic Dermatitis
 PDT-DEG17-C                    Contact Dermatitis
 PDT-ORG18                      OrthoGene
 PDT-ORG18-A                    Osteoarthritis
 PDT-ORG18-B                    Spondolysis
 PDT-ORG18-C                    Lumber disc disease
 PDT-ORG18-D                    Rheumatoid arthritis
 PDT-REG19                      ReproductiveGene
 PDT-REG19-A                    Sexual dysfunction
 PDT-REG19-B                    Pelvic inflammatory disease
 PDT-REG19-C                    Recurrent miscarriages
 PDT-REG20                      DentaGene
 PDT-REG20-A                    Oropharyngeal Cancer
 PDT-REG20-B                    Abnormal or Missing teeth
 PDT-REG20-C                    Dental caries
 PDT-REG20-D                    Periodontal disease
 PDT-REG20-E                    Gingivitis

DNA Testing: The BDRC Advantage


Run each test twice, following the most stringent procedures to guarantee accurate and conclusive results.


Maintain confidentiality of each case, test and results using strict communication protocols.


Schedule convenient appointments through our comprehensive network of collection sites.