The SecurSwab Collection Kit

The SecurSwab Collection Kit for Crime Scenes from Bode Technology means more DNA can be collected from more Crime Scenes. Using the kit means reliable, secure and efficient crime scene sample collection. Each SecurSwab Collection Kit contains a Bode SecurSwab SIT Collector for highly effective sample collection. Kits use an outer envelope that is preprinted for properly documenting sample collection and crime scene information. The kit includes a Bode SecurSwab SIT Collector, a DNA Collector Transport Pouch, a sterile water vial, a dust mask, a pair of gloves and a pre-printed envelope for documentation and transport to the lab. Each kit contains a single collector, but there is room to document and store up to 5 samples. If extra samples are required, just use a SecurSwab from a crime scene toolbox.

Each kit contains the following:

  • 1 Bode SecurSwab S.I.T. Collector
  • 1 DNA Collector Transport Pouch
  • 1 Pre-printed outer envelope/ Information Form
  • 1 Sterile 3mL Water Vial
  • 1 Tamper Proof Evidence Tape
  • 1 Dust Mask
  • 1 Pair of Vinyl Gloves

SecurSwab S.I.T. Overview

The SecurSwab SIT Collector

SecurSwab SIT CollectorThe kit’s components provide the user with the most secure and effective swab collection system available by using the Bode SecurSwab SIT Collector. The SecurSwab SIT Collector is uniquely designed to include an integrated desiccant which dries samples during transport and eliminates the need to air-dry most samples. The SecurSwab also includes 4 unique, matching barcode labels that can easily be applied to the collector packaging or documentation to ensure chain of custody control. The cotton tip is a proven collection material for many types of samples. Each collector is individually wrapped in foil to take up minimal space and protect the collector so that it is always ready for use.

More DNA from More Surfaces

An independent study showed that collection using the Bode SecurSwab allows for more than 30% more DNA was collected using SecurSwabs compared to standard cotton swabs. SecurSwabs have also been validated for sample collection on surfaces commonly found at crime scenes including aluminum, paper, cotton, ceramic, concrete, wood, glass, metal, and cardboard.

Buccal DNA Collection System

Buccal DNA CollectionThe Buccal DNA Collection system is Bode Technology’s solution for Collection, Transporting, Processing, Storing and Archiving buccal DNA samples. The system consists of several innovative products with unique features that make the Bode system, the most complete and reliable products available. The system is comprised of:


Buccal DNA CollectorBode’s integrated Buccal DNA Collector is an easy to use, non-invasive device that collects cheek cell samples in one simple step that:

  Maximizes the amount of DNA captured
  Eliminates drying time and transfer steps
  Is traceable with labels and barcodes Is manufactured from materials
approved safe for medical use


Bode’s safe, secure Buccal DNA Transport PouchTM with desiccant and customizable outer kit envelope are designed to protect and provide a stable environment for DNA samples during transport or storage.


Buccal DNA ArchivalBuccal DNA Archival Trays minimize the amount of space needed to store Buccal DNA Collectors. A box containing 88 collectors is less than half of one cubic foot and can be stored at room temperature.

Archival Cassettes are heavy-stock paper storage magazines designed specifically for the storage and archiving of the Buccal DNA Collector.

Bode offers standard and custom DNA Collection Kits

The kits contain all components required for documenting, collecting and transporting a DNA sample. These kits can include a Buccal DNA Collector, a Buccal DNA Transport Pouch with Desiccant, a Specimen Identification Card, an Instruction Sheet, Gloves, and Evidence tape.

Design Features and Benefits
Design Features and Benefits

A. Cotton swab – Collect many types of samples.

  The sterilizing process renders the collector safe for use in buccal DNA collection or for assault examination.
  The collector can be used for forensic evidence and DNA sample collection.

B. Reinforced shaft – Efficiently collect and process samples

  Prevents the shaft from breaking during collection, allowing a more rigorous collection.
  Unique design allows the cotton head to be snapped off for simple processing, reducing sample handling
and risk of contamination

C. Reversible square cap – Reduces handling requirements

  After collection, the cap can be flipped around to protect and dry the sample
  Square design prevents collector from rolling during air drying

D. Protective tube – Protects sample during transport and storage

  Ample room for labeling or barcoding to assist in chain of custody control
  Sturdy polypropylene provides protection provides protection of swab and sample.

E. Integrated desiccant – Eliminates the need to air dry most samples

  The indicating desiccant has an indicator that changes from blue to pink so the user knows when the
desiccant is spent. The screw cap allows for easy exchange of a spent desiccant.


 Collector Specifications
 Packaging  Case of 100 Collectors – in 5 re-sealable, foil 20-packs of collectors
 Wrapper & Barcoding  Plastic Wrapper contains 4 removable, matching barcodes
Each collector has a unique barcode ID assigned
 Barcode numbers  128C symbology with 2 alpha and 8 numeric digits.
 Length of collector  8 inches; which converts into a 5.5 inch transportation tube after collection of evidence.
 Indicating Desiccant  2 gram packet in the bottom of the protective tube. The blue desiccant turns pink as it
becomes saturated.

Bode PunchPrep™

Bode PunchPrep enhances the use of the Bode Buccal DNA Collector with direct amplification chemistries. Bode’s validated protocols for processing the Buccal DNA collector with the AmpFlSTR® Identifiler® Direct PCR Amplification kit from Life Technologies and the PowerPlex® 16 HS System from Promega provide first pass success rates of greater than 80% – equivalent to the success rate processing samples on FTA paper.

Processing with Bode PunchPrepProcessing with Bode PunchPrep

Bode PunchPrep has been developed so that Bode Buccal DNA Collectors can be processed with Direct-to-Ampflication chemistries, without significant changes to the protocol. Bode PunchPrep has been validated with Manual and Automated processes.

The overall protocol for processing is simple:

  Remove a 1.2mm punch from the Bode Buccal DNA Collector.
  Apply 2uL of Bode PunchPrep directly to the punch.
  Heat at 70C to dry the punch.
  Begin the PCR reaction as described in the Identifiler Direct/ PowerPlex 16 HS User Manuals.

Validated Protocols


Bode analyzed the samples for accuracy of profiles as a part of the validation. The accuracy of the samples was 100%.


Bode added known amounts of cells to the collector and processed using Bode PunchPrep and a direct-to-amplification chemistry. Bode used known cell counts of 50 cells, 100 cells, 200 cells, 400 cells, 800 cells, and 1600 cells.

Below is a graph that shows the results of the Sensitivity Validation test.

Sensitivity Validation


Bode processed 8 samples from the same collector to ensure the peak heights and balances are similar in each trial.

Variability is anticipated due to natural gradients that occur during collection – as each sample is punched from a different area of the collector.

Below is a graph that shows the results of the Reproducibility Validation test.


Ordering Information

 Product  Part Number Quantity
 Bode PunchPrep P09D79  12 X 0.5mL – One Time Use Bode PunchPrep Vials
Each vial is sufficient for 100 reactions

Bode Crime Scene Collector™

The Bode Crime Scene Collector is designed to be a complete evidence collection system. This system uses Bode SecurSwabs that have been pre-labeled on the shaft and Protective Tube with barcodes to become Crime Scene Collectors. Ten Crime Scene Collectors are conveniently packaged with ten Transport Pouches in a resealable foil pouch for use at crime scenes. The Bode Crime Scene Collector helps law enforcement simply secure more reliable evidence for forensic analysis.

Superior Chain of Custody With pre-barcoding and inclusive Transport Pouches

Superior Chain of Custody  The Crime Scene Collector comes labeled with pre-coded barcodes to reduce labeling time and ensure the collector and the protective tube are always matched. Each collector has its own unique barcode ID.
  Two-additional matching barcodes are provided for labeling documentation and  the DNA Transport Pouch 
The paper DNA Transport Pouch has ample room for labeling and barcoding to help improve control and tracking.

Efficient at the Crime Scene With convenient packaging and innovative design

Crime Scene Collectors  Ten Crime Scene Collectors are package in re-sealable foil packs with ten DNA  Transport Pouches.
  The re-sealable packs maintain the integrity of the collectors during transport and storage to and from the crime scene.
  The pre-labeled collectors save labeling and documentation time at the crime scene and minimizes mislabeling.
  The integrated desiccant eliminates the need to air-dry most samples.

Semi-Automated Processing at the Lab

Semi-Automated Processing The Bode Crime Scene Collector offers the feature of semi-automated processing once the samples are received by the lab by eliminating the need to cut the cotton swab with scissors for sample processing.

 This saves time and prevents contamination during sample processing.

 To process, the swab is simply placed directly into a tube at a 45 degree angle and
is easily snapped off.


 Collector Specifications
 Packaging  Case of 50 Collectors – in 5 re-sealable, foil 10-packs of collectors
 Wrapper and
 Collector is pre-labeled with 2 matching barcodes. 2 additional matching barcodes are  on  the label
Each collector has a unique barcode ID assigned
 Barcode numbers  128C symbology with 2 alpha and 8 numeric digits.
 Length of collector  8 inches; which converts into a 5.5 inch transportation tube after collection of evidence.
 Indicating Desiccant  2 gram packet in the bottom of the protective tube. The blue desiccant turns pink as it
becomes saturated.

Buccal DNA Collection

 Description  Quantity  Catalog Number Amount
Buccal DNA Sample Collection Kit – English Case of 50 P09D83 $210
Buccal DNA Sample Collection Kit – Spanish Case of 50 P09D84 $210
Buccal DNA Collectors Case of 100 P01D28 $295
Buccal DNA Transport Pouches with Desiccant Case of 100 P01D18 $55
Archival Cassettes with Cassette Envelopes Case of 100 P01D32 $95
Adhesive Seals for Archival Cassettes Roll of 1000 P01D34 $50
Custom Labeled Buccal DNA Collectors Inquire Inquire
Custom Buccal DNA Collection Kits Inquire Inquire
Buccal DNA Archival Trays Box of 11 Trays P01D57 $28
Buccal DNA Archival Trays Case 0f 8 Boxes P01D56 $160
Reference Sample Collection Kit for Casework,
including overnight return shipment
1 kit P01D14 $50
Hand-held Punch Device – 3/16” Each P09D86 $7

Crime Scene Collection

Description Quantity Catalog Number Amount
Bode SecurSwab Collection Kit Case of 25 Kits P08D77 $110
Bode SecurSwab S.I.T. Collectors Case of 100
Individually Foil Wrapped Collectors
P08D72 $199
Bode SecurSwab Collectors Case of 100
5-resealable packs of 20 collectors
P08D71 $169
Crime Scene Collectors with Transport Pouches Case of 50
5-foil packs of 10 collectors
P01D58 $145
DNA Collector Transport Pouches Case of 100 P01D43 $20
Indicating Desiccants Case of 100 P01D64 $12
Water vials – 3mL Case of 100 P08D75 $40

Child ID

Description Quantity Catalog Number Amount
Child ID Kit Each P01C10-ID $14.95

The BDRC Advantage


Run each test twice, following the most stringent procedures to guarantee accurate and conclusive results.


Maintain confidentiality of each case, test and results using strict communication protocols.


Schedule convenient appointments through our comprehensive network of collection sites.